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Favorite Video games

Posted on: August 24, 2010 3:50 pm
Give me your all time top 5 video games for any system (put system name in parenthesis) and why you like them so much?

5.   Boulderdash  (apple 2c version)   This game is totally addicting, has great control and although graphicswise it isnt much to look at the fun factor is through the roof!

4.  Legend of Zelda  (nes)   One of the very first and best rpgs and all these years later it still stands the test of time and is fun to play.

3.  Killer Instinct  (super nintendo)  Simply put the best fighting game ever made, beautiful graphics, incredible soundtrack and non stop action.

2.  Road Rash (ps one)  This game is hysterically fun to play!  You try and race while going 200mph you have other bikers trying to punch and kick you off the bike while you try and zip past them.  Occasionally they will attack you with a weapon and if you time it right can steal it for youself and pummel your opposing bikers off their bikes and watch them fly away.   the jumps are fun as heck too!

1.  Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (xbox 360)  While 3 was definately groundbreaking this game took it to a whole new level while maintaining the cartoony fun aspect of the previous versions but added knives, some new weapons, dating, bigger and better graphics but overall better gameplay than gta 4 imo.   A great all around game that you will spend weeks trying to beat if you want 100% and the flying missions are still stumping me arrrg lol.

That is my top 5, what's yours?
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Posted on: November 28, 2010 3:44 pm

Favorite Video games

Top five favorite video games of all time?
5.  Baseball Stars (nes)4.  Wasteland (pc)3.  Resident Evil (psx)2.  Road Rash (psx)1.  Grand Theft Auto 3   

Gta 3 was a revolutionary game and kudos everquest on the road rash, that is the sickest racing game ever, graphicswise it isnt much even on the playstation but who plays that for the graphics?  You play it for the mashing/smashing/jumping and insane crashes.
Wish i could have put any of the metroid's or Phantasmagoria in there somewhere.

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Posted on: August 24, 2010 4:36 pm

Favorite Video games

Well,  if you want to go old school computer games what about the bards tale?

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite games.

5.   Goldeneye (n64)  if you ever owned a nintendo 64 this was by far the best game on the rig!
4.   Return to Zork  (pc)   lots of fun in an old school compute game.
3.   Super Mario RPG the Legend of the Seven Stars (super nes)   just a beautiful game very fun to play and lots of fun jumping and humor.
2.   Metal Gear (nes)   how can you beat the original?
1.   The Bard's tale  (pc or apple)  The rpg that was enormously fun to play and that one dungeon with the teleports haunted me for years lol..

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